Kaon Security specialise in the human factors side of information security. The organisation has a strong track record of providing discrete and confidential services to a range of local government, central government and commercial enterprises in Australia and New Zealand. In our history we have worked to develop long term relationships with our clients and built a level of trust that is key to ensuring they keep their systems, data and people secure.

The company is acknowledged for its regional leadership in helping organisations improve their security posture. A typical engagement entails developing a strategic and holistic view of information governance and IT security leading to programmatic improvement. Tactical advice is also readily on hand as the dynamic nature of technology means a “set and forget” approach to IT security has limited effectiveness. No organisation or individual is immune to cyber threats, however Cybersecurity, if viewed strategically and delivered programmatically, can be a very cost effective business enabler.  

Information technology is an integral part of all enterprise operations so our consultants are well versed in communicating in the right terms to people at all levels within an organisation on topics including risk, assurance, governance and IT operations.  

Don’t wait until a cybersecurity incident impacts your business. Contact us for a confidential discussion about how we can help keep your systems, data and people secure.


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