Cyber Forensic Services Now Available


Today’s hyper connected digital world presents some unique challenges for any organisation that needs to investigate issues including data breaches, malware outbreaks e.g ransomware or the misuse of organisational systems and data, that potentially could lead to legal and employment action. The use of mobile technology, adoption of Cloud services, increased levels of virtual storage combined with the ongoing use of traditional and legacy computer systems means many investigations will become more complex and comprise of a growing digital element.

Kaon SecurITy are here to assist Senior Executives and Management Teams with this type of difficult and complex task.

We follow a forensic investigation strategy using five stages to identify the existence of digital evidence, to secure it and then interpret that evidence.

  • Data – Capture, search and secure at site after an incident
  • Examination of data
  • Interpret the data
  • Data reporting
  • Interviews – possible witnesses and suspects.

The basic objective of conducting forensic investigations is either to identify anomalies in order to avoid further breaches or to collect supporting evidence for employment or legal proceedings. Ordinarily investigations follow a defined approach, however in order for findings to be admissible in court during legal proceedings, investigation methods must follow strict legal guidelines.

To undertake comprehensive and legally acceptable cyber forensic investigation requires suitably qualified experts with adequate knowledge of IT technologies, cyber laws, LGOIMA, litigation, compliance, forensically sound investigation techniques and proven industry experience. A qualified expert investigator from Kaon SecurITy can go to the extent of triaging a significant volume of evidence, system logs and security best-practice in order to assist an organisation clear up matters after a data breach and recommend how to mitigate further breaches.

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