IT Policy System

Creating a secure business computing environment

Many organisations now rely totally on their electronic environment for the day to day processing and the management of their business.  The issues of information management, confidentiality, competitive edge and profitability are intrinsically linked, but unfortunately, information in the electronic world is not attributed with the same degree of respect with regard to security as the paper document managed to achieve in its heyday.

The first step towards creating a secure electronic environment is to define the rules and guidelines for managing, operating and using the organisation's information systems.  This first step is critical and involves developing policies and procedures that document the organisation's intentions to diligently manage electronic information throughout its life cycle and keep it safe from unauthorised persons.

To be successful, IT security policies must be based on plain old common sense and all staff, contractors and third parties should be required to understand their obligations.  Protocol Policy Systems have developed a generic set of policies and procedures that can be specifically tailored for any IT environment and any business situation.  Text, graphics and formatting can be customised to suit the culture of the business.


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