What is included in the System?

You are provided with the Policy Review document which shows where each of your policy statements is cross referenced to specific sections of the ISO 27002 standard.

You also receive the full Comparative Analysis document which tells you, in detail, what policy work is required in order to fully comply.  From this information you can decide whether you want to work on further policy development yourself, or Protocol Policy Systems can develop the policies on your behalf.

The system includes –

A suite of 25 policies mapped to IS27002. Additional standards mappings includes ISO22313, PCI and SOX.

Supporting information and documentation including:

  • Pdf versions of policies
  • Topic Index
  • Glossary of Terms
  • Navigation Help
  • Policy Summary
  • Top Security Tips for users

We are also available are optional template procedures including visio diagrams on a large range of procedures, a sample list is available on request.


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