IT Security Strategy Consultants

Our consultants work with a cross section of organisations in the government and commercial sectors covering strategy and framework development through to security operations. They are well versed in helping organisations identify their critical assets and the risks associated with not protecting them sufficiently.

Reputational and brand damage resulting from an IT security incident should not be underestimated. In developing strategies we help executives and management navigate the “technical speak” associated with information governance and IT security. This assists executives and managers consider the appropriate measures required to implement or improve an organisation-wide IT security programme.

Should you need or wish to demonstrate compliance with an IT security framework, international standards, legislation or regulations then Kaon Security can help your organisation navigate these requirements. Our consultants have been engaged to assist on standards such as ISO, PCI-DSS, NIST, legislation including as the EU General Data Protection Requirements and guidance from bodies such as the Australian Signals Directorate, to name a few.


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