Incidents / Forensics / BCP Consulting

Understanding the full extent of an IT security issue can be time consuming and complex. In many cases the business’ imperative is to ensure that it keeps functioning as effectively as possible whilst a clean-up exercise gets underway in the background.

Clean-up exercises are often completed in haste, so some key aspects of cyber hygiene are usually missed. The nature and extent of an attack, breach or system failure is not fully appreciated. The chances of a similar incident re-occurring is very high. Developing a plan to be prepared and clearly understanding the steps your organisation will take in these scenarios is something our consultants can assist you with.

Should you be affected by an attack or breach - with or without a plan - then we can conduct a very clinical clean-up exercise to identify the source of the attack or breach, detail what has occurred since initiation and then proceed to help you remediate the situation so the risks of re-occurrence are minimised.