Incident Response

Combat DDoS And Ransomware Attacks

Very few businesses can function without the use of technology in today’s world. For many organisations systems and data are critical to the functioning of their business yet minimal work has been done to consider the resilience of their systems and data should they come under cyber attack such as DDoS or Ransomware.

The internet has bought many business benefits however our 24x7 connectivity and ongoing advancements in technology has opened up an opportunity for people to engage in malicious behaviour making cybercrime a big business.

Being prepared for a cyber security incident means that you can invoke an incident plan to help protect your data, detect a breach and quickly mitigate the impact. It is every employee’s responsibility to follow the guidelines and help to ensure that your organisation is ready to take the appropriate steps to minimise damage to your customers, employees and brand in the event of a data breach.

Kaon IT Security can provide a number of cyber security incident response (IR) services offering including – help to build your IR plan, evaluate and test you plan, educate staff to raise their cyber attack awareness, act as first responder in the event of an incident or breach, identify and report on what has actually happened. Our IR expertise is supported by state-of-the-art forensic examination systems.

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