Desk with a monitor displaying the IT Policy Management as a Service platform Desk with a monitor displaying the IT Policy Management as a Service platform Desk with a monitor displaying the IT Policy Management as a Service platform

30 April 2024

Policy Management as a Service April 2024 Enhancement Release


Kaon Security are pleased to announce the April release of new and enhanced features for Policy Management as a Service (PMaaS).

The following new functions will be provided with this release:    

Light and Dark Mode

Users can opt to view PMaaS in either light or dark mode from the Home page and their My Account page. There is also an option for Primary Users to configure the light or dark mode setting globally for all their site users.


To aid user understanding a mouseover or hover box option is now enabled on a range of words and terms in use throughout the user content of PMaaS. 

Stakeholder video

A new video has been created to guide any person that is engaged to be a stakeholder within PMaaS. The video explains the stakeholder role with a view to assisting customers conduct a quality feedback process when reviewing first draft policy content.


Your organisations logo will now be automatically included in the DOCx output of any policy documents exported to Word.


The following amended functions will be provided with this release:

Exceptions Register Enhancement

Currently customers can mark any policy statements within PMaaS as exceptions, and include notes, view the statements that have been marked as exceptions along with the associated notes, and thereafter edit and when appropriate update them so that the status is “resolved”.

The exceptions and/or resolved exceptions registers can be exported as CSV files.

With the April release five new fields have been added to the Exceptions Register – Status, Formal Exception, Exception Reason, Action Item and Project Link.

The Project Link option can be configured to display a list of projects currently in motion to select from.

Glossary of Terms Updated

The contents of the glossary has been updated to reflect current terminology. The latest version covers X words and terms used throughout PMaaS.   

Word Export File Names

For ease of reference, the file names currently used for each policy document have been amended so that they use content page title rather than a “HTML” name.   

Policy Review Date Tracking

The Update Button in the Policy Settings page now includes a pop up edit window that displays the proposed new policy review date and if required allows for the date to be edited. The person applying an edit will also be asked to input their name with supporting comments before confirming a date change. This detail can then be viewed and exported for reporting purposes.    

2FA Setup Key

This feature is to work around a bug in the Microsoft Authenticator by adding a Setup Key to the two factor authentication page in addition to the QR code currently there. 

Quiz Reporting

For Premium customers we have built a report listing all users, whether they have passed the quiz (and when), and whether they have accepted the AUP policy (and when). The results can be exported to CSV.

For Essentials and Premium customers we have introduced a graph that reports on the current status of pass/fail on the quiz along with other details such as how many users have taken the quiz and how many are yet to take it. The results can be exported to CSV.

Stakeholder Comments

Ability to record “action taken” against stakeholder comments and mark them complete to move them to the completed comments table.

Security Awareness Videos

The library of security awareness videos has been expanded. Topics covered are – 

  • Wifi Access Out And About
  • 9 Tips for Mobile
  • Social Media
  • Business Email Compromise
  • Phishing
  • Vishing / Smishing
  • Passwords & Authentication 


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