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Customer Testimonials

We pride ourselves on delivering effective and positive IT security improvements in all our customer engagements, and can happily provide references so you can ensure you are making the right choice when partnering with Kaon Security.

Cybersecurity Improvement Program for Eastland Group

"Eastland Group had measures in place for cybersecurity and whilst we were confident our security was tight, we wanted to get a professional viewpoint as there is always room for improvement. Eastland Group manages critical infrastructure, so our aim was to verify and examine the current state for cybersecurity and put in place a strategic roadmap to incrementally improve our cybersecurity resilience over time.

We reached out to Kaon Security who assisted us with implementing a multi-year Cybersecurity Improvement Program, which included Baselining, Security Architecture Review, Risk Assessment, and Scope & Strategy. The technical expertise of the Kaon team has been high and we are impressed with the quality of the work. Our cyber programme is certainly ticking the boxes we wanted to, and means that we can hand on heart say that we have done everything that we can in our power to strengthen things.

The Cybersecurity Improvement Program has given management and the board clear visibility of where we are at on the roadmap and reassured in the knowledge that cybersecurity professionals are guiding this important workstream."

- Philip Wallingford, General Manager Group Technology

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Microsoft 365 Security Review Service for Global CCS Institute

"After migrating all our systems to the Microsoft Azure platform from a hybrid environment, we decided to conduct a security review and audit by an independent provider to ensure the security of the new environment is appropriately established. Hence, we engaged Kaon Security for a discussion about their capability to perform an Azure and Microsoft 365 Security Review. In the initial meetings, the Kaon team helped expand our objectives, prioritise the areas we should focus on first, and ensure that the end-user experience was considered.

The report we received was comprehensive and included information on identified risks, detailed security recommendations, and an executive summary which provided key points for high level decision makers. Additional recommendations also helped to identify areas for our service providers to attend to that we hadn’t visualised.

Overall, we are very happy with the outcome of the service and interaction with the Kaon team. They were very responsive throughout our discussions, answering all questions, and providing further clarifications needed after the engagement was completed.

This exercise has considerably improved our security posture, which provides peace of mind to both ourselves and our customers."

- Indika Wick, Global IT Manager at Global CCS Institute

Policy Management as a Service Implementation for Environment Southland

"Environment Southland recently embarked on a cybersecurity uplift program. A key aspect of raising the cybersecurity maturity of our organisation revolves around providing good clear guidance to our team regarding the use of council’s systems and information.    

In order to provide that guidance Environment Southland implemented the Premium version of Policy Management as a Service (PMaaS) which has made the development and delivery of IT Policies very easy. The policies are written in plain English for all users, managers and technical people, and include drop down explanation buttons and links to standards relevant to our organisation.

 A range of functions available in the Premium version help us to manage and drive user engagement with the content, for example, the Insite Compliance Reporting module gives us full visibility of users interaction with the service and policy content.

Implementing the Service has been very straightforward. With ongoing assistance from Kaon Security, we are confident we have a good foundation for future cybersecurity initiatives.

–Jane Carroll – Information Systems Manager at Environment Southland.


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Microsoft 365 Security Review Service for Jarden

"After a recent migration from on-premise to Microsoft 365, we had the bare bones in terms of security. Our internal auditing process required us to verify the security and risks associated with this environment.

We engaged with Kaon to carry out a review of our Microsoft 365 environment. By relying on their expertise, we were quickly able to identify issues that needed to be addressed. Some were as a result of business processes, others simply because we were using default settings on the tenancy.

We were able to work through Kaon’s report on an item by item basis and (in conjunction with the business) able to implement Kaon’s recommendations to reduce the risk footprint to our business.”

- Indy Silva - Vice President, Head of Infrastructure at Jarden

Microsoft 365 Security Review Service for City of Ballarat

“Our organisation subscribes to Microsoft 365 and we engaged Kaon to identify risks in our configuration of Microsoft 365 and Azure. They excelled at identifying risks and provided appropriate trade-off decisions but most importantly – gave us clear ‘line of sight’ to a mature end-state. The experience and dedication of the Kaon team resulted in a significant improvement in understanding our environment and identifying gaps in our systems. Working together we found the team to be pragmatic, approachable and highly skilled. They were able to conduct in-depth analysis for us and provide excellent recommendations and results.” 

- Chris Crawley, ICT Service Delivery Manager at City of Ballarat

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Professional Services for Bayside City Council

“Bayside City Council contracted the services of Kaon Security for external security auditing and web vulnerability testing. We were impressed with their approach to working with us as their team were responsive, engaging and easy to work with. Their reporting output was excellent. It was very well written in easy to understand business language, which meant we could present the content and recommendations to our senior management without any changes.      

Partnering with Kaon Security has been a pleasure. They have good subject matter expertise and delivery so I would happily recommend them to an organisation that needs good impartial advise.” 

- Tony Ljaskevic- Manager Information Services at Bayside City Council

Professional Services for Southern Grampians Shire Council

“On joining the  Council at Southern Grampians I wanted to get an understanding of how the security of our IT environment held up against industry best practice.  I was really happy with the service Kaon provided and the audit report and support documentation provided as the end result was very thorough.  The auditor we had onsite really knew his stuff and has a wealth of experience, we learnt a lot from him and even provided some extra tips and suggestions which were outside the scope of his audit report.” 

- Russell Bennett- IT Manager at Southern Grampians Shire Council

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Professional Services for Hamilton City Council

"Hamilton City Council have employed the services of Kaon Security for various IT security projects in the last 5 years. Each time their work has been very thorough and of a high professional standard. It is important that our organisation can turn to such a partner for advice, so that we are confident our systems and data remain secure."

- Eion Hall, Hamilton City Council

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