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Digital Forensics and Incident Response

Combat DDoS And Ransomware Attacks

The internet has bought many business benefits however, 24x7 connectivity and ongoing advancements in technology have increasingly opened up opportunities for people to engage in malicious behaviour, making cyber crime a big business.

Very few organisations can function without the use of technology, for many their systems and data are absolutely critical.

The impacts of a cyber security incident (such as a security breach, data breach, DDoS, Ransomware, Phishing attack etc) can be long lasting and potentially damaging to an organisation’s financial, reputational, and/or operational stability.

Being prepared for a cyber security incident means that you can invoke an incident response plan to help protect your data, detect a breach and quickly mitigate the impact. It is every employee’s responsibility to follow the guidelines and help to ensure that your organisation is ready to take the appropriate steps to minimise damage to your customers, employees and brand in the event of a data breach.

Executing an incident response plan allows an organisation to efficiently and effectively prioritise its resources. Finding the root cause enables the organisation to take appropriate steps to improve its security posture, and better protect itself in the future.

Kaon Security recognise that not every organisation is able to have incident response specialists on staff, as such we can provide a range of Digital Forensics and Incident Response services including:

  • Helping to build your incident response plan
  • Evaluating and testing your plan
  • Educating staff to raise their cyber attack awareness
  • Acting as first responder in the event of an incident or breach
  • Identifying and reporting on what has actually happened, including forensic evidence collection, assessment, conclusion and court presentation

Our Digital Forensics and Incident Response expertise is supported by state-of-the-art forensic examination systems.

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Business professionals discussing an Incident Response Optimisation Plan

Incident Response Optimisation Pack

Our Incident Response Optimisation Pack provides access to a suitably qualified consultant who will drive the –

Assessment Phase

  • Assess your current state of Incident Response readiness
  • Review your existing Incident Response information, plan, templates and guidelines
  • Identify any gaps and areas of concern
  • Review current roles and responsibilities

Prepare and Deliver Phase

  • Walk your team through an Incident Response scenario using a sample playbook
  • Assist in formalising the appropriate roles and responsibilities to handle incidents
  • Present and discuss suitable supporting Incident Response documentation
  • Formalise a comprehensive library of tailor-made playbooks based on common incident response scenarios – branded and customised to match your organisational structure.
  • Each playbook comes in 2 versions outlining specific details for the Incident Manager and Incident Responder roles.
  • Create reporting templates – branded and customised
  • Incident response plan drafted and aligned with playbooks and reporting templates ready for approval and to socialise internally.

Add-on Options

  • Incident Management Plan
  • Incident Response Simulation
  • Incident Response Training Workshop

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