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IT Security Awareness

Create The Human Firewall

When it comes to education and training for IT security awareness there is no “one size fits all” approach that is effective. Different content and delivery mechanisms are required based on assessing an organisation's needs and their target audience. To this end Kaon Security can provide a range of IT security awareness training options including tailored class room based training through to online security awareness content delivery.

Our online content includes the suite of training modules produced by a selection of experienced content providers. We work in collaboration with these providers to help organisations arm their end users with the knowledge they need to securely surf the web, identify online risks and protect the sensitive information they handle daily.

Our aim is to help organisations adopt cyber security best practices, encourage confidence in the use of information technology and ultimately, enhance the strength of their human firewall.To help you ensure the success of your awareness and education program each content provider has a high focus on developing employee engagement through the use of internal marketing tools.

These include items such as information security awareness posters, screen savers, e-newsletters and more. To augment the engagement element of these programs locally the Kaon Security team work closely with you to tailor the most appropriate structured and comprehensive communication plan for your organisation.

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