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Professional Services

Trusted IT Security Expertise

Kaon Security specialise in the human factors side of information security. The organisation has a strong track record of providing discrete and professional IT security services to a range of local government, central government and commercial enterprises in Australia and New Zealand. In our history we have worked to develop long term relationships with our clients and built a level of trust that is key to ensuring they keep their systems, data and people secure.

Kaon is acknowledged for its regional leadership in helping organisations improve their IT security posture. A typical engagement entails developing a strategic and holistic view of information governance and IT security leading to programmatic improvement. Tactical advice is also readily on hand as the dynamic nature of technology means a “set and forget” approach to cyber security has limited effectiveness. No organisation or individual is immune to cyber threats, however Cybersecurity, if viewed strategically and delivered programmatically, can be a very cost effective business enabler.

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Our Services

IT Security Consulting

and Strategy

The Kaon consulting team work with a cross section of organisations in the government and commercial sectors covering strategy and framework development through to security operations.

IT Policy


Benchmark whether your current IT policies reflect your organisation's intentions to diligently manage digital information throughout its life cycle and keep it safe from unauthorised persons.

IT Security Awareness

Training & Education

Build a human firewall – our education and awareness training options including tailored class room based training through to online cyber security awareness content delivery.



Remove the complexity of cloud security by using our expertise to; accurately map your existing cloud application usage; review your planned or existing cloud security architecture; review the security configurations of your Office365 environment

Security Incident


We can quickly react to a cyber security incident should one occur in your organisation and ensure you effectively combat an attack or outbreak to limit any damage to your organisation.



Using our specialist forensic systems our team can undertake forensic investigation work. This typically assists organisations to identify anomalies in order to avoid further breaches, or to collect supporting evidence for employment or legal proceedings.



Ethical hacking from either an internal and/or external perspective to help you in determining exactly how effective your existing system defence mechanisms are, and evaluating whether or not your organisation is following security best practise.

Technical Security


Kaon Security’s audit process is a hands-on test of how your systems operate and how they are being managed. The level of protection is assessed against the amount of cyber security risk to the organisation.

Web Application

Penetration Testing

We have the tools and the expertise to provide an independent assessment of websites in order to determine vulnerabilities and weaknesses.

Email Security


Find out which of your organisation’s email contacts can be publicly found online, test and assess the accuracy and capability of your email spam blocking and measure your susceptibility to a targeted internet based zero day phishing campaign.



You can secure access to Kaon personnel with the seniority and business understanding to fulfil the CISO role on a part time basis for your organisation.

Business Continuity

and Disaster Recovery

Our consultants can help your organisation develop and document your BC and DR plans - or can review your existing plans to ensure they are current and will be effective if put into practice.

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