Essential Eight

Whilst an organisation will always require additional security mitigations, appropriately implementing the Essential Eight strategies provides a baseline that will assist in reducing your attack surface and minimise risk.

The domains of the E8 mitigation guidance
Application control
Patch applications
Configure Microsoft Office macro settings
User application hardening
Restrict administrative privileges
Patch operating systems
Multi-factor authentication
Regular backups

10 points to consider when implementing the Essential Eight are:

  • What should our target maturity level be?
  • What is the status of our current maturity?
  • How do we know we have identified all the gaps between current and target maturity?
  • Should we attain an interim level of maturity before striving to reach our target maturity?
  • What are the implementation steps and timelines?
  • Do we need to identify and consider any exceptions in following the ASD guidance?
  • What are the steps in implementing compensating controls?
  • Who is responsible for documenting our compensating controls?
  • Who can provide programmatic oversight of our Essential Eight implementation?
  • How often should we conduct maturity assessments?

There are many other points to consider in an Essential Eight implementation project aside from the above.

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