Email Security Audit

Email is a crucial business communication medium in the digital world.

The majority of our communications (including confidential communications) are carried out over email. It is also the favourite mode of initial attack or entry point for most cyber criminal activities.

Before an email based attack can begin a hacker will need to uncover a list of email contacts to target. Using this information an attacker can then launch malicious email campaigns, such as phishing and whaling, against these publicly available email contacts.

Our experts follow a similar process to identify what corporate email contact information is readily available on the internet, using Open Source Intelligence (OSINT). To test and measure the susceptibility of your users and systems we then create a targeted internet based zero day Phishing campaign with uniquely crafted user awareness landing pages.

By assessing the security controls you are using to filter, process and secure emails we can help to reduce your risk profile, especially understanding your ability to respond to a zero day campaign.

Our independent assessment provides key evidence to make an informed decision to either fine tune or replace your existing email security controls.

The benefits of this assessment include:

  • Gain insight into how much of your corporate email contact information is publicly available
  • Measure the effectiveness of existing email security controls
  • Understand the potential risks to your security posture
  • Identify and address email security gaps
  • IT Security Awareness training programmes can be adapted or introduced

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