Having Confidence in Cyber Security

03 July 2019

As an organisation goes through a technology transformation and increasingly adopts the use of the cloud it will work with new and existing suppliers to design and build systems. In doing so security ideally should be built or baked in to minimise the impact of a security incident in the future.

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BlueKeep Vulnerability - Patch, Don’t Delay.

05 June 2019

There is increasing concern that many organisations still have not applied a patch that fixes a vulnerability in the Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP). The vulnerability known as BlueKeep, or more formally called CVE-2019-0708, can be applied to any internet facing systems running Windows XP or Windows 7, and Windows server versions 2003 and 2008.

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Protecting Your Email with Email Security & Phishing Threat Assessment

30 April 2019

Email is a crucial business and communication medium in the digital world. The majority of our communications (including confidential communications) are carried out over email. Email is also the favorite mode of initial attack or entry point for most cyber criminal activities. Phishing, whaling, and malware campaigns are the most common examples w…

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Which Essential Controls Should Be At The Top Of Your List?

15 March 2019

Plenty of good guidance is available to help improve an organisation’s information security. In Australia and New Zealand organisations such as the Australian Signals Directorate (ASD) and Cert NZ publish very useful lists, to help us prioritise which controls to implement, based on the threat and incident data that is available to them.

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