Give Your Incident Response Planning Some Attention

11 January 2018

What do Maersk Shipping, TNT, Reckitt Benckiser and Merck all have in common? - They all recently announced they had incurred significant costs as a result of being impacted by the Wannacry and NotPetya ransomware outbreaks. The reported losses associated with these outbreaks would have seen these organisations undoubtedly move quickly to review th…

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Recognising The Value Of IT Policies - Part 2

10 January 2018

In this article we address 3 questions - Why are IT Policies important? - Who should be involved in the development of IT Policies? - and - How do organisations manage their policies typically today?

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Recognising The Value Of IT Policies

09 January 2018

Many Council organisations have embarked on a digital transformation journey to improve citizen experience, awareness and engagement, increase efficiency and to use information to create valuable insights - leading to better decision making, innovation and communication.

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Finance Professionals Confirm They Are Facing Major Challenges With Cyber Security

22 December 2017

A recent poll conducted by Kaon Security across Australia and New Zealand, in conjunction with the membership of Chartered Accountants (CAANZ), highlights the need to improve IT security user awareness within the organisations they work for. Over 73% of the poll respondents confirmed they had been the target of a cyber-attack.

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