2.5 Months Passed Before Attackers Were Stopped

02 November 2018

Data security is a major concern for organisations of any size, type and industry. There are endless examples of small to major data breaches being reported in the media, often very little detail is made available regarding attack vectors, investigative work performed, findings etc. In the last two months a U.S agency called the Government Accounta…

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Making Cloud Computing More Secure – The Shared Responsibility Model

25 September 2018

Cloud computing continues to attain increasing levels of investment from organisation’s in ANZ. Whilst this model has removed the burden and complexity of having to build and host systems, to assume the cloud environment is secure is flawed.

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Cyber Security Education, Office 365 and the use of HTTPS

15 August 2018

Welcome to our August version of the Kaon Newsflash. This month we cover topics including cybersecurity education, ensuring your Office 365 environment is secure and the use of HTTPS.

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Office 365 Security Configuration Audit Service Now Available

13 June 2018

Kaon Security offer a 60 point deep dive audit service designed to minimise any risk and uncertainty you might have about the security of your Office 365 environment. The audit service will be of interest to organisations that have already deployed Office 365 or organisations that are starting their transition to this service.

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